Hayes PARC 

Photographic Arts & Resource Center

Hayes PARC was formed with the idea of bringing the beauty and luxury of fine art into the home. Owner and artist, Marilyn M. Hayes, has made her original photographs and prints available to designers and dealers in the home furnishings and accessories markets.

Hayes PARC presents the Blue Room and Van Dyke collections. These original works reflect the simplicity and beauty of nature, from the unique details and marvels of sea life to the supple and sensuousness of flowers. 

"These original cyanotypes or van dyke prints, I make using natural objects like the giant sea fan pieces of coral. I love how this process expresses the beauty and simplicity found in nature. The cyanotype process or blue print process was invented by Sir John Herschel in the 1800s. This process is made from ferric (iron) salts. When exposed to light the paper prints a positive image and after washing will result in these uniques and rich blue tones.  The Van Dyke print is a similar process using ferric salts to reduce silver to its metallic state producing a brown print. For each piece, I make all the chemistry and hand coat the rag cotton paper. Each print is an original, custom made just for you!" - Owner & Art Photographer, Marilyn M. Hayes, MFA